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Project Description
This project contains debugging extensions for Windbg that are not part of the core debugger package.

Current Release
The current release of the debugging extensions project contains an extension DLL called wct.dll. This extension works with the Wait Chain Traversal API introduced in Windows Vista to display a wait chain for threads on the system, and it uses the automatic deadlock detection that is part of WCT to report deadlocks when possible. The diagnostic information displayed contains information about threads and synchronization mechanisms supported by WCT. It works with native and managed applications, but with managed applications other alternatives such as SOS are often more useful.

Sample usage and output
0:001> .load D:\Development\DebuggingExtensions\Release\wct.dll
0:001> !wct_thread
>>> Begin wait chain for thread 4784:6016 with 5 nodes
Thread [4784:6016:blocked WT=7287568] ==>
Mutex [\Sessions\1\BaseNamedObjects\SecondMutex] ==>
Thread [4784:5924:blocked WT=7286947] ==>
Mutex [\Sessions\1\BaseNamedObjects\FirstMutex] ==>
Thread [4784:6016:blocked WT=7287568] ==>
>>> End wait chain for thread 4784:6016

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